19th Moon is like water, she flows between two worlds.  The physical and the ethereal world.   American born, Nigerian raised, gives her a unique perspective of life.   She has since bounced around between the U.S.,  Italy and Germany, which influence her style of musi

Her new Album "God & Sex" released January 15th 2021, was written in two states.  When the lock down happened, she was in Los Angeles, CA.  After four months she decided to move somewhere that resonated better with her, so she moved to New Orleans, Louisiana.  A magical city that evokes the imagination.  


Just when she thought she had all the songs written that she needed for the record,  new inspiration started pouring in and she ended up replacing five songs of the 9 song Album.  It was about listening to her heart and intuition.  She said she needed to bring Joy and hope to the people and just sing for them.  


The songs are uplifting, Joyous, sexy and feel good.  She is released 2 singles ahead of the album.  “I’ll Be Yours” on Dec. 11th 2020 and “Won’t Let You Down” Dec. 18th 2020 


She feels a connection with Artists like The Weeknd, Jeff Buckley, Tricky, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Bjork, Florence & the Machine just to name a few


"visceral and electric" Vents Magazine. 2018

"I had a listen and have to say, your music has a wonderful rhythm, something trancey  and a wonderful warmth to it. Really really like it. Reminds me a little of Roisin Murphy. You have a great voice too! Great songwriting! "- Alice Peters-Burns / Byte-fm

"This Record is Vibey" -: Chris Hanebutt: Owner/Producer at Ego Musician’s studio, Los Angeles, CA

Solo Setup

1. Vocals

2. Guitar

3.  Macbook running Ableton Live

4. Guitar Amp

Artist: 19th Moon

Genre: Electronic RnB / PoP

Official Website: 19thmoon.com

Local Venues: 

RESIDENT: 05/30/19

COMMUNE by Plagpresents: 03/22/19

KCRW Presents Desert Nights: Halloween 2018

KCRW Presents Desert Nights: 10/03/2018 

The Mint Los Angeles: April 03rd 2017

The Mint Los Angeles, Feb. 9th 2017

Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles, CA 2017


Pride Fest. Austin, TX:  August 11th, 2018

Echo Park Rising, CA: August 17th, 2018

Love Circle Movement Festival. CA Nov. 11th 2016

From Berlin to LA Music Fest. Los Angeles, CA, Feb, 5th and 6th 2016

V7 Film Festival, Bari Italy 2014

Rocksteria Festival, Italy 2014

Internation Venues: 

Club Tausend, Berlin Germany

Alexanderplatz Jazz club, Rome Italy

Bee Your Concert, intimate concert, Rome, Italy

Magazzino delle idea, Orvieto, Italy

Culture Container, Berlin Germany

Bar ES. Berlin, Germany

L'altro Vissani Art Gallery, Orvieto Italy

Music Box, Castel Viscardo, Italy

L'asino Che vola, Rome, Italy

Random Live Footages: Acoustic & Analog/Electronic sets

I do both solo and band performances depending on the gig. 

Social Media:


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