19th Moon is an Electronic, R&B/Alternative,  otherworldly Artist,  currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. 


19th Moon (Moon for short)  was born in the United States but raised in Nigeria, in a city by the coast, Lagos. She has worked on various projects, bands and done studio work as a vocalist.   She was cast as the Siren for the Los Angeles based Circus “Cirque Berzerk”, which she did for the 2008 and 2009 run.  


She feels a connection with Artists like Jeff Buckley, Tricky, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Bjork, Florence & the Machine and Radiohead.  Her music is an extension of her spirit, it is how she expresses her innermost thoughts, her connection to the Universe. She feels strongly, the Goddess inside of her and she allows her to step forth into the light. 


She has performed in Los Angeles, Austin, New York, Lived and Performed in Europe, Italy and Berlin.  Relocated back to Los Angeles, October 2015.  

She is working on a full record to be released early 2020.  Stay tuned...


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