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Do you really see what you see?

Perception .......the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses: the normal limits to human perception.

Mystery lies everywhere in our existence, Magic and the discoveries of Quantum Physics. Parallel Universes. Interweaving, Memories being challenged.

A mystery of our very own existence, what is real? What does real mean. Time a measuring perception that doesn't exist, so we are eternal, immortal, reset and reborn to do this over again and again. same body, maybe, same gender, maybe, alternate realities maybe. All and every imaginable scenario IS. Pretty mind blowing. I can change this reality by my thought and my thought alone. POWERFUL. I will it to change and it's crazy to actually witness the manifestation first hand like being out of body and watching a scenario play out. Try it, Pretty powerful.

Perception: nothing is as it seems. Period. Do with this what you will. All is changeable, interchangeable, can go back, forward, parallel, what ever you choose to perceive. Our thoughts are strong. we can heal, create our ideal existence, be one with everything and collaborate with it.

Perception: it is how we choose to see everything.

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